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Abort Chi

When one has an abortion and/or miscarriage, either natural or artificial, there is a disturbance to the emotional body which can remain for years. This disturbance may surface as increased PMS, diseased organs, difficulty with menstruation, or difficulty in bonding immediately with a newborn child. The exercise assists in bringing balance to the disturbed emotional meridians. 3 oils are used in this Treatment: Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium.

The Power To Be One

A wonderful exercise for opening the seed of self-power, which is often over ridden by the propaganda from social and religious consciousness. The exercise will assist you to become aware of the walls you build to hide your power.

Sea Wave

It is an emotional treatment. Its purpose is to create a sense of emotional calmness. It works with removing old stagnant energy, which will allow one to feel a renewed emotional state. This is a very soothing treatment in terms of the feeling it creates, so that you can be grounded and make better choices, if you are in a stressful situation. After the exercise drink a lot of water, especially if you were toxic.

Emerald Shield

A great exercises for releasing toxins that are in the bloodstream due to vaccination. It also helps with food poisoning and blood poisoning. Best to do it 2 days before the vaccination, but you can do it soon after, so that the toxins have not yet been absorbed, still circulating in the blood. The exercise energizes the body’s natural ability to cleanse the blood.

Brain Stress

When your brain believes there is a danger, it sends immediate signals down your spine to your adrenal glands commanding them to release adrenaline. Once this is released, it increases the amount of sugar in your blood increasing your heart rate and raises your blood pressure, plus many other activities throughout the body. The hypothalamus also sends signals to your pituitary gland at the bottom of your brain telling it to release cortisol, a hormone causing stress. Stress is good for short time emergencies, but the long-term effects of stress are damaging and cause premature brain aging. Brain Stress is a treatment to help balance your brain, and cortisol.

Brain Fog

There are many writings on Brain Fog; many say drugs, improper diet, long-term stress, and different neurological diseases cause it. The list is very long. In ancient Chinese health brain fog is caused by beliefs overpowering the mind of knowingness. This is the direct (but not only) cause for many neurological diseases.
Brain Fog does not interfere with ones beliefs, but rather creates a clear channel for knowingness to more clearly flow making it easier to empower knowing versus beliefs. It also assists the brain to detox and renew.

Sugar Dragon (3 parts)

This exercise is for ones who carry addiction to sugar, addiction to pretending, addiction to self deception, to deflecting assistance. The exercise assists to understand the addiction. The name of the exercise “Sugar Dragon” represents the positive effects of the exercise, i.e. it assists in finding sweetness in a life in a positive way.

Liver Purge

This is a purging exercise. Purging exercises remove energy from the body. Like energy attracts like energy. If there is toxic energy in your liver, it will attract toxic matter. So, in shifting the energy of the liver, the energy of the liver is no longer suitable environment for that toxic matter, so it moves, it is released. If the liver is greatly toxic, e.g. due to chemotherapy, this treatment is done multiple times. This exercise can be followed by the Garden of Life, Blood.

Garden of Life, Blood

This treatment energizes the body’s natural mechanisms to filter the blood. This is a treatment that supports the detoxifications of the body and works with the spleen, and kidneys. It works well after the exercise Liver Purge and followed by the exercise Circulating the Circulation.

Circulating Circulation

This treatment works with the digestive, lymphatic and circulatory system as well as with the intestines. It also assists in increasing the circulation to the skin. Use skin brushing after the exercise to increase its benefits. Also following this treatment you need to deep breathing while exercising your legs and arms, so that you have your circulation moving.

The Dark Side of the Moon (2 parts)

This exercise is for emotions that never surface. Perhaps these emotions are what have kept you in your state of difficulty (e.g. depression, money difficulties, relationship difficulties) for years. Those emotions may be related to beliefs which affect the energy in the meridians and create unbalance. The individual will then make choices out of this unbalanced state, which will produce painful results. The exercise assists to bring awareness of those emotions so that you begin working with them.

Denial of Life Syndrome (2 parts)

Many human may carry mental resistance which blocks the exchange of energy between the mental and emotional body; in other words, it creates a (meridian) wall. Someone may know that something is approaching their life (e.g. an issue in relationships, at work, a health issue) that they don’t want to deal with, and more often than not, they have the same reaction: they hit the wall, bounce off and go in circles, by making the same choices. This treatment will offer you insight and assistance in what you do when you encounter the Wall; it will assist you in feeling different choices, so that you heal the issue rather than going around another circle.

Hormonal Human

This treatment works with balancing the hormones in the human energy system. Great for both female and male going through menopause, or for both male and female experiencing a hormonal imbalance due to chemical food, drink, and toxic childhood. The bottom line is that it assists one in releasing self-destructive patterns.

Abnormal Thyroid

Symptoms of Abnormal Thyroid. You might feel run down and tired, or have brain fog. You usually gain weight or experience hair loss. Others may feel hyper, anxious, or sweat a lot, more than usual. All of these are common symptoms of thyroid disorders. The thyroid gland regulates many processes within the body; women in particular are likely to have these disorders that affect the function of this essential gland. Recognizing and treating these conditions are critical for optimum health and preventing long-term health problems. This treatment is for both Hyper and Hypothyroidism. As with all Tai Yi treatments, this treatment does not take the place of needed medical treatments or medication. If one is going to have both Hormonal Human and Abnormal Thyroid treatments, it is recommend to first have the Hormonal Human treatment, and after a week the Abnormal Thyroid.

The Sweetheart

The heart, meaning the lower soul body (7th body) will usually have a sweetheart, or a bitter heart depending on the realm of consciousness one holds. This treatment helps turn the heart into sweetness.

The Heart of Dis-Ease, the Dis-Ease of Heart

This treatment works with heart disease, the real cause. Heart disease is a result of misaligned chemical messages, often caused by drugs we absorb, drink, and eat. This treatment works with reeducating the chemical messages. Diet must also be a primary focus. The exercise assists in repairing continuing damage to the physical heart.

Shielding Mind From Human Drama

This treatment establishes a shield around the mind to protect you from self-created "Denial of Life" syndrome and from ‘drama’ around you. It assists in coming to know self, without influence from mass consciousness.

Spine of the Brain

This exercise clears out clutter, and confusion, allowing greater communication between the brain and spine. This will increase immune function and will assist in spinal difficulties and spinal pain. Great for people who continue to need spinal chiropractic adjustments, or have some type of spinal injury.

Detoxing the third eye

The pineal gland is a flat, cone-shaped organ about the size of a pea lying in the center of the midbrain. It reaches its largest mass during childhood, but often will calcify and shrink with age. This exercise will assist in cleaning the pineal of calcification. The bottom line is that it will create greater clarity in your vision of energy.

Aging Youth Series (AYS - 5 exercises)

The 5 exercises in the Aging Youth Series can be done 1-3 months in between. During the first two treatments, clients experience deep detoxification as they start removing the old memories, old pictures. In this way their body is preparing for the next three treatments. You need to drink a lot of water after the exercises. Some may feel very tired; this is a sign that their body is rejuvenating.

AYS #1 Marrow Life: The bone marrow produces red blood cells and one type of white blood cells, but as one ages the marrow becomes contaminated and produces fewer useful blood cells. Therefore, our blood becomes weaker allowing for a rapid aging process. This treatment begins the process of releasing toxins.

AYS #2 Blood Stream: Blood transports oxygen to all the tissues of the body, especially the ones in the brain. Hormones, nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and other body regulating elements, are transported through the blood as well. This treatment works with the body to help eliminate more toxins to allow for the body to more efficiently absorb and utilize nutrients in order to stop accelerated aging.

AYS #3 Muscular Skeleton: The last 3 Tai Yi exercises of the AYS series are both preventative and assisting for, i.e. for the actual difficulty that the person may have; in other words, they have a dual purpose. AYS #3 can be used as preventative if you come from a genetic family history of arthritis, any type of disease that affects the muscles and the skeleton itself. It works with the memory of the muscular skeleton from your youth.

AYS #4 Digestive Immune Life: The majority of all diseases begin at the intestines because if they are not clear, they lower the immune system. The exercise works with the physical digestive immune system, but also with the emotional and mental digestive system assisting them to clear.

AYS #5 Brain Life: The exercise works a lot with the implanted memories. Depending upon the frequency of the memories, it can create a barrier between the mind and the brain, a little film that alters slightly the memories. The exercise assists in understanding what is real and what is not. To heal something ask from yourself to have access to a real memory. Brain life also works by strengthening the BBB (Brain Blood Barrier). It can be also very therapeutic and preventative for young adolescents. Another effect is the prevention of future issues.

Evolutionary blending

This exercise helps to arrange meridian balance to flow with Earth Changes, including solar storms. People will feel a flow of the toxins, either to be released or spin around in the body. The stronger the change the more you will feel it in the body. If you get nausea or dizziness, it is a sign of great change and also a sign of toxins being released, not necessarily physical toxins but also energetic toxins.
This exercise is also great for massage therapists who may absorb energetic toxins from their clients; with this exercise they may experience a cleansing of energetic toxins.

Establishing the Core

This exercise is about building a stronger core energy that assists in seeing and feeling beyond the illusion. It also assists in being aware when you are being pulled magnetically into another’s illusionary fear and anger persona, causing disruption. Are you being pulled into someone else’s delusion? is your magnetic field being compromised mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually? Then, this exercise is for you.

Nourishment for the Evolving Brain

This exercise works with energetically cleaning the astrocytes. It strengthens and/or realigns the strings of innate intelligence.

Harmonizing Astrocytes

It helps put the brain more in sync with the mind, allowing for greater understanding of the illusion and the illusion of time. This exercise is best if done soon after “Nourishment for the Evolving Brain.”

Refining Energy for Quantum Consciousness

This exercise will assist in refining raw energy to allow greater power in what one seeks to create. Thus, it improves your energy output.

Discovering the Escape Route

The mental programming, including the programming within the brain, will often establish an escape route. In closing this escape route will push one to make a greater commitment towards their healing, even when it is not pleasant. This exercise will assist one to create a deeper commitment towards healing, by recognizing excuses used to prevent or prolong healing.

The 8th Body of Awareness - Qual de Say

This treatment works on the 8th body called Qual de Say, matter unseen, or called Dark Matter that works in a vacuum and pulls energy from the higher bodies to the lower bodies creating the star of creation. This treatment brings the 8th body into alignment, meaning it pulls the lower bodies into alignment.

The 9th Body – Dark Energy

It gives birth to the identity of the lower bodies so that they become in line with the upper bodies and assist you in following your path.

The 10th Body

It brings the lower bodies into balance with the 10th body.

The 11th Body

It brings the lower bodies into balance with the 11th body, so that they flow of energy between them is without obstacles and filters.

The 12th Body (3 parts)

The 12th Body does not need any Tai Yi. You need Tai Yi to connect with the 12th Body. The 12th Body is as a carrier of the other bodies.

The Zone of Death

This treatment is for people who are preparing for a detox, for people who had a highly toxic experience, e.g. food poison, or some kind of illness, which left a residue of toxins in the system. Also for people who do parasite cleanse. It also assists people with autoimmune disorders in identifying and cleansing the death zone (an energetic ball of toxins), which is the primary cause of an autoimmune disorder.
This treatment purifies the toxic death of old. Many hold onto their past or future deaths influencing their current choices and ailments. What energy of death still attaches to your physical body?
Read the article titled T.H.I.S. The Human Immune System at www.Discoveringanadventurecalledlife.com
After this treatment you can start a slow detox with organic lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

Detox Life

This treatment prepares the physical, mental, and emotional bodies for a complete detox. It should be done one week prior to any detox treatment as it allows for a more complete detox, including what the subconscious mind and/or impacted organ/gland holds onto. If one has a big toxic issue, it is better to have the treatment “The Zone of Death” first.

Sanitizing the Brain (2 parts)

This is a two-part treatment, which works with the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) to strengthen its function. People can benefit from this treatment after an illness, long-term dehydration, long-term cell phone use, and computer usage.

The Nature of Earth Balance

This treatment balances the northern and southern hemispheres of the physical body. The primary ingredient of the human body is water. This is not to be interpreted as the upper body and the lower body, but rather difference in frequency of the water in our physical body.

Fire of the Brain

The exercise resets the firing of the brain to allow it to properly process information from the Mind. It is beneficial for ones who have had injuries to the brain, drug abuse (as it is a form of injury to the brain) and for individuals with depression.

Earth Root

This treatment assists with low back problems and it can be done multiple times. It is beneficial when combined with chiropractic work and/or massage 15 min - 48 hours before or after the treatment.

¼ Moon Tea

It is for emotional introspection. It helps to stabilise the emotional body. It’s good for people who are in crisis, whatever the crisis may be. The crisis can be because of an external event (e.g. birth, death, test, family reunion – in case you have an issue with your family members, Xmas, if you lost a child) or an internal event (e.g. self-punishment). You feel much lighter afterwards.
You can have it within a month prior to an event to assist your emotional body or within a month after the event.

Prime Minister Cleanse

This treatment assists in cleansing the lungs and in having better sleep. You may start to cough for a day of two, as it will agitate the lungs a little bit but after that cleansing period you will breathe more efficiently which means you will sleep better.
It is very good for people who live in cities, smokers, people with weak lungs that can’t breath too deeply and for people who are addicted to shallow breathing.
Do not have this treatment when the lungs are inflamed. Have it after a cold.